Bedford Custom Wall Size Art

Discover how wall-size art can benefit your Bedford business or property either as a promotional tool, as a motivational tool, or simply as unique decoration.

What is wall-size art?

Walls are excellent real estate for signs, graphics, decoration, and art. Wall signs can be wayfinding signage, commercial graphics, or just attractive decoration. Wall-size art is the ultimate wall graphic. It can go from the floor to the ceiling, form wall-to-wall, and it can offer many potential benefits to your Bedford business.

Uses for wall-size art

Wall-size art can serve promotional purposes. You can brand the lobby of your Provo legal office with striking wall-size art. You can make your Pleasant Grove restaurant unforgettable with striking wall art that reflects the type of cuisine you serve and the atmosphere you want to foster. Or you can motivate the staff in your Orem office with wall art that promotes teamwork and unity.

Types of wall-size art

Vinyl is an excellent material for wall art. Vinyl is inexpensive, easy to print on, and it won’t harm the walls of your Bedford business or building. Digitally printed wallpaper can also depict art. You can also use a classic canvas with your art printed on top.

Why choose us for wall-size art in Bedford?

At Sustainable Signs and Graphics, we make unique wall art that reflects the values of your organization. We can make wall art that fits your brand identity and supports what you want to achieve. We can make kid-friendly wall art, sophisticated and understated wall art, or vibrant and bold art. Our wall-size art pieces are eye-catching and durable.

Benefits of choosing us for wall-size art in Bedford

At Sustainable Signs and Graphics, we can design, manufacture, and install wall-size art in Bedford. To learn more about wall-size art, please visit our website, or you can contact us directly via email or by calling 682-800-5254.

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Great sturdy product, easy to assemble and attractive for magazine display.


Very Happy with the product!


All of the products we’ve gotten have been high quality.


The Magnetic Signs were very clear and durable. They clung onto the vehicle at highway speeds.